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Not only do we need appropriate policy measures to drive the shift to a carbon-neutral economy, we also need sound policy to ensure no one is left behind – we need to ensure a just transition.

2 mai 2024

The housing crisis could be tackled by improving public services, better urban planning and ensuring that social protection benefits reach the people who need them most.

2 mai 2024

Years of crises have eroded citizens’ trust in institutions. Without it, the very fabric of our democracy is at risk.

There is no one future of work for all jobs – policymakers will have their work cut out to ensure that remote and platform working, artificial intelligence and climate change policies will benefit and not disadvantage workers.

Inequalities have become more apparent in many areas: between men and women; between rich and poor; between young and old; and between rural and urban areas. What are the implications of these inequalities across the EU?

2 mai 2024

There’s a demographic shift sweeping Europe: people are living longer and working longer. Older workers, however, face significant labour market barriers.

25 janvier 2024

The state in which the EU finds itself has been described as a ‘permacrisis’, whereby the Union is confronted by challenge after challenge, and citizens are constantly having to adapt to a ‘new normal’.

11 décembre 2023

‘Building back better’ is not just an empty slogan – we need the construction sector to help us achieve our climate targets. Eurofound research reveals that construction is where the Fit for 55 climate policy package will generate the most net new employment.

4 décembre 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic made us acutely aware of how dependent our society is on certain essential workers. We felt deep gratitude towards workers in healthcare especially, because they worked ceaselessly in often-difficult conditions.

22 novembre 2023

The jury is still out on the question whether men and women are from distinct planets. When it comes to the world of work, however, they are worlds apart.

25 octobre 2023