Working conditions

15 May 2018

Covers the working environment and aspects of employees’ terms and conditions of employment – in particular, from the perspective of job quality: career and employment security; health and well-being at the workplace; development of skills and competencies; and work–life balance.

Society gauges its progress, in part, by judging how working conditions are improving. EU policy enshrines equal opportunities in the workplace for women and men, limits working hours, sets standards to ensure safety, and promotes investment in skills development. Progress has been made, but a critical 20% of workers remain in poor-quality jobs; job insecurity and work intensity have increased in the wake of the economic crisis; a good work–life balance remains elusive for some; and psychosocial risks need to be addressed as an emerging issue.

Eurofound seeks to supply the information that Europe’s decision-makers need: How should work be organised to facilitate work–life balance? What can companies do to enable older workers to stay in their jobs for longer? What are the factors that contribute to physical and psychological violence in the workplace? And how can the benefits of involving employees in decision-making be maximised?

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