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Graduate traineeships 2021

This post-graduate traineeship programme is addressed mainly to recent university graduates, without excluding those who – in the framework of lifelong learning – have recently obtained their university qualification and are at the beginning of a new professional career.

Eurofound is an equal opportunities employer. Traineeships will be offered on the basis that the candidate has the ability to participate to the extent necessary and will benefit from the experience.

For further information on terms and conditions, interested applicants should read the Rules governing the Official Traineeship Scheme (2021).

The closing date was 13 December 2020. The large number of traineeship applications received will take a number of weeks to be pre-screened and sorted by preferred profile.

NOTE: The implementation of the traineeships programme is currently impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the evolution of the pandemic remains uncertain, so is our ability to ensure that traineeships are carried out as planned. The arrangements put in place by Eurofound also depend on the host Member States’ policies and the confinement measures that they may entail. However, we at Eurofound will do our best to continue the successful tradition of engaging trainees - inviting recent graduates to participate in Eurofound’s work while learning from this well-recognised early career opportunity.

Below are the descriptions specific to each of the traineeships which may be offered at Eurofound during 2021. Please read the descriptions before deciding on your 1st and 2nd choice (particularly for Research trainees).

Traineeships in the area of Research

Traineeships in other areas

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Previous Eurofound trainees have shared their experiences to assist others who may be considering a traineeship:

Nils Brandsma - Unit A: Working Life
Eleonora Clerici - Unit C: Social Policies
Riccardo Colella - Unit B: Employment
Chiara Litardi - Unit C: Convergence
Samuel Thomas - Human Resources