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In 2013, the average collective agreed weekly working time in the European Union was 38.1 hours, the same as in 2012. However, the working week was, on average, 30 minutes shorter in the pre-2004 EU15 Member States, and more than 90 minutes longer in the more recent Member States. If the collectively agreed normal annual working time is taken as the pattern, in 2013, full-time workers in the EU will have worked, on average, nearly 1,712 hours (1,676 hours in the EU15 and 1,819 hours in the recent Member States). Of the three sectors examined, the civil service sector recorded the shortest average agreed normal working week at 38 hours – although this represents an increase of 0.2 hours compared with 2012. In the chemicals sector and in retail trade, the average agreed working times were 38.1 and 38.3 hours, respectively, both representing an increase of 0.1 hours compared with 2012. Collectively agreed paid annual leave entitlements stood at 25.4 days across the EU. These were slightly higher in the EU15 countries (26.8 days) and considerably lower in the more recent Member States (20.8 days).

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