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Social dialogue

Social dialogue can be defined as negotiations, consultations, joint actions, discussions and information-sharing involving employers and workers. Well-functioning social dialogue is a key tool in shaping working conditions, involving a variety of actors at various levels. It balances the interests of workers and employers and contributes to bot...

Well-functioning and inclusive labour markets

Well-functioning labour markets are a prerequisite for making full use of the job creation potential of the economy as it emerges from the financial and economic crisis. The crisis had very different labour market consequences across the EU Member States, and some groups such as young people and those with low education were particularly hard hi...

Monitoring structural change and managing restructuring

Structural change in the economy has many implications for Europe’s labour markets and employment. While dynamism is necessary for a vibrant economy, job loss can be a serious life event, and restructuring processes should seek to minimise the negative consequences for employees.

Policymakers need insights into the evolution of lab...

Innovation and job creation in companies

Creating and retaining more jobs in European companies involves a range of external factors, as well as growth and innovation within companies to improve competitiveness. Innovation – changes in products, processes and in other aspects of their businesses – can help companies adapt to changed circumstances, add value and become more ...

Quality of life and quality of society

In addition to individual circumstances and conditions, the quality of society has a major impact on citizens’ well-being and quality of life. In recent years, Europeans have reported a declining trust in society and institutions, societal tensions, economic and social insecurity, as well as perceived inequalities and lack of fairness.


Public services

Public services such as health, education, social care and transport are essential for achieving high levels of social protection, social cohesion and social inclusion. But it is the quality of and access to services that determines their success across a changing social and demographic landscape.

The challenge for policymakers is to ens...

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