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Work programmes

The Programming document 2021–2024 has six strategic areas that will be implemented through the following operational activities. The first four are those as mandated in the Founding Regulation of the Agency.

In addition, Eurofound will address the policy challenges in two transversal thematic activities.

Eurofound's three regularly repeated pan-European surveys contribute to the work in the strategic areas. 

Eurofound has at its disposal a network of national correspondents, based in all Member States plus Norway.

See all multiannual and annual work programmes.

Europe-wide surveys

Eurofound’s three regularly repeated pan-European surveys collect original and fully comparable data covering all EU Member States and a range of other countries, depending on the survey. Data collected through the surveys allow for in-depth analysis of a wide variety of issues. The surveys are considered one of the most valuable and unique sources of information at Eurofound’s disposal. They inform and guide a substantial part of Eurofound’s research work.

In response to COVID-19, Eurofound has adjusted its research to monitor the evolving situation during the pandemic and to collect data regarding the impact on the lives of EU citizens and policy responses to mitigate the effects. In April 2020, the Agency kick-started a unique and large-scale e-survey, Living, working and COVID-19, to capture the far-reaching implications of the pandemic for the way people live and work across the EU, with the aim of helping policymakers to bring about an equal recovery from the crisis. 

Reacting to ad hoc information requests

Reacting to ad hoc information requests from Eurofound’s core stakeholders is a key activity in the new programming period. Key objectives of this service are to ensure rapidity, flexibility and quality in delivering customised input to meet new and emerging information needs.


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