26 February 2020

Begrebet "mindsteløn" henviser til forskellige lovgivningsmæssige begrænsninger af den laveste løn, som arbejdsgiverne kan betale til arbejdstagerne. Lovgivningsbestemte mindstelønsordninger reguleres af formelle love eller administrative bestemmelser. 

Most EU Member States have a statutory national minimum wage in place, although its level, adjustment mechanisms and coverage vary. Some countries set collectively agreed minimum wages in sectoral agreements, while others have no statutory or formally agreed minimum wage mechanisms in place.

The EU institutions jointly proclaimed the European Pillar of Social Rights in November 2017, setting out the EU’s commitment to fair wages for workers. This includes ensuring adequate minimum wages for workers to allow them to have a decent standard of living, safeguarding the ability of the low-skilled and young workers to find employment, while also making work financially attractive.

Eurofound’s work

Eurofound provides regular updates on pay in the EU, including minimum wages in the Member States.

Key contributions

The 2017 update on minimum wages in Europe provides information on statutory minimum wage levels, how the minimum wage has been determined for 2017 and minimum wage coverage across the EU.

In a study on pay in Europe in the 21st century, Eurofound explored the implications of a hypothetical scenario of a minimum wage coordinated at EU level and set at 60% of the median national wage.

Featured: 2017 minimum wages in Europe

9 February - This article looks at minimum wage coverage across the EU in 2017, showing that 22 out of 28 EU Member States have a generally applicable statutory minimum wage in place. The level of this minimum wage varies greatly from one country to another. From the data, it can be seen that the minimum wage grew more over the year preceding 1 January 2017 than the year before.
Statutory minimum wages in the EU 2017

Data and resources

Ongoing work

  • Minimum wages in 2020: Annual review
  • Highlights of recent developments of selected features of working life in so-called topical updates, with one featuring statutory minimum wages


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