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Eurofound has developed three regularly repeated pan-European surveys to contribute to the planning and establishment of better living and working conditions. The surveys offer a unique source of comparative information on the quality of living and working conditions across the EU. Detailed analysis of the survey data allows Eurofound to identify new and emerging trends, as well as to gain deeper insight into the issues central to European policy. The results provide a strong basis for policymakers to identify opportunities for improvement and to develop forward-looking perspectives. The surveys are a key element in Eurofound’s mission to provide high-quality information and policy pointers for EU and national-level policymakers, social partners, researchers and European citizens alike.

European Company Surveys (ECS)


The ECS gives an overview of workplace practices in European establishments. The survey targets both managers and employee representatives.

2019 2013 2009 2004-2005

European Quality of Life Surveys (EQLS)


The EQLS provides a comprehensive portrait of living conditions in European countries. It contains a broad range of indicators on different dimensions of quality of life, both objective and subjective.

2016 2012 2007 2003

European Working Conditions Surveys (EWCS)


The EWCS is the longest running survey and has become an established source of information about working conditions and the quality of work and employment. EWCS 2024 is underway.

2024 2021 2015 2010 2005