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Tackling energy poverty: EU approach & sharing best practices

Pr, 24/10/2022
Pr, 24/10/2022

High-level conference: Tackling energy poverty: EU approach & sharing best practices, 24 October 2022, Prague, Czechia

The EU Presidency of Czechia organised a high-level conference on Tackling energy poverty: EU approach & sharing best practices. The event aimed to bring different actors together in order to strengthen the dialogue on possible solutions on how to further tackle energy poverty in the EU.

Massimiliano Mascherini, Head of social policies at Eurofound, spoke at the session on Gender aspects of energy poverty. This session looked at how energy poverty cannot be equated with income poverty, persons with low incomes and persons in vulnerable positions who are at risk of energy poverty. Across the EU, women have long been at a greater risk of poverty than men. Single mothers and elderly women are particularly vulnerable. The panel focused on gender aspects of energy poverty, drawing attention to energy poverty as experienced by women and men with the aim to ensure gender-aware approaches to energy poverty. Massimiliano’s focus was on the impact on energy poverty on living conditions, and gender in particular.


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