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European Working Conditions Survey

Visualise, explore and compare EU and country data from the 2015 European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) in our interactive data visualisation tool. 2010 data is also available.

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Mental health and well-being

Indicator of mental health, based on the WHO Mental Well-being Index (WHO-5). People with a WHO-5 score of 50 or lower are considered at risk of depression.
Data from the 2016 EQLS.

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European Jobs Monitor

The European Jobs Monitor (EJM) tracks structural change in European labour markets. It analyses shifts in the employment structure in terms of occupation and sector and gives a qualitative assessment of these shifts.

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Workplace fairness, cooperation and trust

Indicator of social climate in the working environment.
Data from the 2015 ECS.

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Other Resources

Platform economy repository

Information on the platform economy and platform work in Europe and beyond is now gathered in one database. You can look for specific document or just browse through the database of records. 

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Database of wages, working time and collective disputes

This database aims to provide researchers and policymakers with a set of country-level data in the area of wages, working time and collective disputes.

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Restructuring events database

The restructuring events database contains factsheets with data on large-scale restructuring events reported in the principal national media in each EU member state. It has been in existence since 2002.

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