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Following the British referendum on 23 June, in which 51.9% of people voted to leave the European Union, social partners across most European countries have commented on the impact that the British exit will have on their countries or members. This topical update summarises their first reactions, in

27 July 2016

This issue contains articles on: Findings in figures; Working with the Slovak Presidency; Contributing evidence to public debate; News in brief; and Latest from EurWORK.

27 July 2016

The principal political event of the quarter has been the decision of the UK electorate in favour of ‘Brexit’ from the European Union in a referendum held on 23 June. The outcome was a surprise and went against the counsel of most economists, policymakers and international organisations as well as

27 July 2016

Social dialogue still matters in Europe. Recent EU-level policy debates have highlighted that, particularly since the 2008 crisis, the emergence of new debates on social justice, democracy, the quality of work and new models for labour relations have been challenging traditional industrial relations

12 July 2016

The concept of NEET (young people not in employment, education or training) has, since 2010, been widely used as a tool to inform youth-oriented policies in the 28 Member States of the European Union. While it has been a valuable addition to more traditional indicators used to understand the

04 July 2016

This study provides information designed to encourage sectoral social dialogue in the maritime transport sector. The aim of Eurofound’s series of representativeness studies is to identify the relevant national and supranational social partner organisations in the field of industrial relations in

30 June 2016

This issue contains articles on: Findings in figures; A year in the life of Europe; Studying the impact of digitalisation on work; News in brief; and Latest from EurWORK.

21 June 2016

The European Jobs Monitor 2016 looks at 2011 Q2–2015 Q2 employment shifts at Member State and aggregate EU level. A ‘jobs-based’ approach is used to describe employment shifts quantitatively (how many jobs were created or destroyed) and qualitatively (what kinds of jobs). It also introduces a new

20 June 2016

The German national statutory minimum wage for international truck drivers has caused considerable controversy. Some Member States fear it will damage the competitiveness of companies sending drivers to destinations via Germany. However, it is important to find a balance between promoting the free

16 June 2016