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Spotlight on older people icon Older people - Work, care and inclusion 10 July 2014
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Spotlight on youth icon Youth issues a top priority 26 September 2014
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Spotlight on employment icon Employment - jobs in Europe 25 September 2014
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Spotlight on quality of life icon Quality of life, citizens and public services 23 September 2014
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    • 7 October 2014 Just published Trends in quality of life - Croatia: 2007–2012
      This report presents the trends and changes in quality of life among the Croatian population based on the EQLS survey rounds conducted in 2007 and 2012. This period is especially interesting because it covers the beginning of the global economic crisis and therefore the report captures its impact on society. It also provides data on quality of life indices before Croatia’s integration into the EU in 2013. Similar reports are available for Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
    • 26 September 2014 Just published Policy lessons from the fifth EWCS: The pursuit of more and better jobs
      This report examines the evidence and policy lessons that can be drawn from the findings of the fifth European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) carried out in 2010. The focus is on the links between working conditions and labour market participation in the light of the EU’s longstanding policy pursuit of more and better jobs.
    • 10 September 2014 Just published Effects of restructuring at regional level and approaches to dealing with the consequences
      Most large-scale restructurings affect the regions and employment areas where they take place, not just the company and its employees. Based on secondary data analysis, a literature review and five in-depth case studies, this report aims to identify the effects of large-scale restructuring at regional level. It also describes examples of successful regional management directed at maintaining and improving labour markets and living conditions following an important restructuring event.
    • 20 August 2014 Just published Occupational profiles in working conditions: Identification of groups with multiple disadvantages
      Job quality indexes are constructed on the basis of such aspects of working conditions as earnings, prospects, working time, and intrinsic job quality. Occupations where job quality is consistently low are labelled ‘occupations with multiple disadvantages’. Eurofound's latest report, using data from the fifth European Working Conditions Survey, finds that workers in mid-skilled manual and lowskilled occupations do quite poorly when it comes to earnings, prospects and intrinsic job quality.
    • 25 July 2014 Just published Mapping youth transitions in Europe
      This new report analyses the labour market situation of young people in Europe, focusing in particular on their school-to-work transition. Overall, 23% of young European job-seekers aged 15–24 could not find a job in January 2014. In 2012, 14.6 million young people across Europe were not in employment, education or training (NEETs), accounting for 15.9% of the entire population of those aged 15–29.