Making the platform economy work well for workers


Platform work is one of the new forms of employment making a global impact. Eurofound’s two-hour webinar 'Making the platform economy work well for workers' provided a forum to go beyond debating the challenges inherent in this new form of employment. It focused on possible solutions to tackle the work and employment-related implications of platform work, including the latest Eurofound research and the perspectives of government, trade union and platform operator participants.


  • The living and working conditions of Europeans are changing. By monitoring the latest developments and providing timely, in-depth analysis and information in these areas to EU-level institutions, national governments and social partners, Eurofound aims to support the EU agenda by providing knowledge to improve the quality of life and work in Europe.

    This short video presents what we do, and why we do it.


Eurofound réalise trois enquêtes paneuropéennes en vue de contribuer à la planification et la mise en place de meilleures conditions de vie et de travail. Ces enquêtes constituent une source unique en leur genre d’informations comparatives sur la qualité des conditions de vie et de travail dans l’UE.


Eurofound dispose de deux observatoires. Tous deux bénéficient largement des activités du réseau européen de correspondants d'Eurofound, ainsi que d'autres activités de recherche.