Challenges and prospects in the EU: Quality of life and public services

Flagship report​What have been the major developments in quality of life and public services in Europe in recent years? This flagship publication provides a synthesis of the main findings regarding trust in institutions and social cohesion; access to and quality of health and care services; the impact of digitalisation on social services; access to services for young people; and measures aimed at integrating refugees.

Publication: Challenges and prospects in the EU: Quality of life and public services


  • The living and working conditions of Europeans are changing. By monitoring the latest developments and providing timely, in-depth analysis and information in these areas to EU-level institutions, national governments and social partners, Eurofound aims to support the EU agenda by providing knowledge to improve the quality of life and work in Europe.

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Eurofound przeprowadza trzy ogólnoeuropejskie ankiety wspierające planowanie i zapewnienie lepszych warunków życia i pracy. Ankiety oferują unikalne źródło porównywalnych informacji na temat jakości życia i warunków pracy w UE.

Obserwatoria Eurofound

Eurofound prowadzi dwa obserwatoria, które w znacznym stopniu korzystają z pracy sieci europejskich korespondentów Eurofound, oraz inną działalność badawczą.