Future of manufacturing in Europe

The future of manufacturing in Europe

The pilot project The Future of Manufacturing in Europe is an explorative and future-oriented study. It explores the future adoption of some key game-changing technologies and how this adoption can be promoted, even regionally. The analysis of implications for working life focuses primarily on tasks and skills, not only at the white-collar, tertiary-education level, but also for blue-collar occupations, including a focus on challenges facing national and company apprenticeship systems.


  • The living and working conditions of Europeans are changing. By monitoring the latest developments and providing timely, in-depth analysis and information in these areas to EU-level institutions, national governments and social partners, Eurofound aims to support the EU agenda by providing knowledge to improve the quality of life and work in Europe.

    This short video presents what we do, and why we do it.


Eurofound realiza tres encuestas a escala europea con el fin de contribuir a la planificación y el establecimiento de unas mejores condiciones de vida y trabajo. Las encuestas constituyen una fuente única de información comparativa sobre la calidad de las condiciones de vida y trabajo en la UE.


Eurofound cuenta con dos observatorios, que se nutren en gran medida del trabajo de los corresponsales europeos de la red de Eurofound, así como de otras actividades de investigación